The National Museum

The Vikings are here!

The National Museum’s newest exhibition welcomes visitors to the multifaceted universe of the Vikings. A völva with a deeply lined face and equally deep eyes stares out at our visitors. Opposite her, three helmeted but otherwise stark naked berserker warriors look visitors right in the eye. The exhibition scenography has been designed by Jim Lyngvild and includes one of Denmark’s largest treasure troves of gold and silver jewelry.

Iconic treasures of Danish history

Experience world-famous highlights with a starring role in Danish history. Runestones, The Golden Horns, the suit worn by the first Dane in space and the hash stall from Freetown Christiania that has become a symbol of Danish liberal-mindedness.

The Children’s Museum

Here you are invited to play and touch everything in sight! Join a raid in the Viking ship, discover a backyard of the 1930s or enter a classroom of the past and experience what school was like for the great-grandparents of Danes. Board the cargo ship and settle down in the berth in the cabin, or explore a Pakistani market and buy food in the bazaar. You can also cook in a Medieval kitchen, or prepare the knights’ castle for defense against enemy attacks.

Eat Nordic

With clear references to classic lunch and local dishes, restaurant Smör serves new interpretations of Danish food.

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