The Fast Attack Sehested - The Vessels at Holmen

The Willemos-class Fast Attack Craft SEHESTED, along with its 9 sister ships, served as a prominent part of the naval defence of Denmark and NATO during the Cold War.

The enemy was right in fearing this vessel which, with its small size and crew, was armed as potently as a major surface combatant. The class was armed with wirecontrolled torpedoes, long range Harpoon missiles, and a 76mm gun. These ships could serve as minelayers and were equipped with modern technology for combat information, artillery direction and sensors.

In addition, ships were quite seaworthy and could reach a speed of 40 knots (74 km/h or 46 mp/h). The crew consisted of 25 young men and women who lived in cramped conditions. The individual crewmember was held to a high standard of professional excellence and teamwork.

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