The Danish Museum of Science and Technology

What did the very first cars look like? How about the history of the telephone - from the first of its kind to the smartphones we all know today? And what does a space capsule look like? Come and learn more about the fantastic and breakthrough technical inventions and the people behind them.

The museum has an impressive collection of steam engines, electrical inventions, bicycles, cars and aeroplanes. There is also a pewter workshop from the 1920s and fire and life-saving station from around 1960. The Danish Museum of Science and Technology invites you on a journey where bridges will be built between you and Denmark’s technological history. Our unique collection of cars represents the Danish history of motor vehicles. For instance, you can experience the Hammel Car from 1888, the first automobile of the Royal Danish Family and a Volkswagen Beetle from 1948. The museum also houses a large collection of planes. There are old propeller planes, helicopters, gliders, private aircrafts, passenger planes and many former planes of Defence Command Denmark.

The Danish Museum of Science and Technology is for the whole family. From the first exciting fascination of machines to the critical contemporary views of everyday technology to the nerdy insight into mechanics and function. At the museum, the objects form the basis of the stories and we will look at the first technical inventions, today’s technology and what the future may bring.

The Danish Museum of Science & Technology is more than 100 years old and some of the museum objects are even older – from extremely heavy and big computers the size of an elephant to small, pocket-sized smartphones. The world of technology is constantly developing, and we can only try and guess how the future robotic vacuum cleaners, virtual reality and cars will look like.


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