Submarine Sælen - The Vessels at Holmen

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The submarine Sælen was commissioned into the Royal Danish Navy in 1990 as the last submarine in Danish service. It was also the only submarine to ever participate in hostilities.

Sælen is a small dieselelectric submarine, particularly suited for operations in coastal waters where it could encroach without detection.

It was armed with eight torpedo-tubes and could deploy navy seals. When you visit the submarine, you will experience how the conditions were for the crew of 24 sailors. During the Cold War, submarines of the Royal Danish Navy were feared by the enemy due to their low detectability.

In 2002 Sælen participated in NATO counter terrorism operations in the Mediterranean. Shortly before its return to Denmark, the submarine was redirected to the Arabian Gulf where it, along with the Corvette Olfert Fischer, conducted crucial operations during the second war in Iraq.

Sælen was decommissioned in 2004.

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