Mosede Fort Denmark 1914-18

On the Brink of War - Neutrality between Warfare and Welfare in Denmark during World War 1

Travel 100 years back in time when World War 1 took place in Denmarks neighboring countries. Explore the many surprising stories, when you go back to a time when Denmark is on the brink of War. Denmark is fighting for its neutrality to avoid being drawn into war. Denmark is digging trenches, laying out mines and provides humanitarian assistance. The Danish welfare state is born when politicians intervene to keep the population united, while profiteers making huge sums of money off war.

  • The general population had to count ration coupons, while profiteers let the champagne flow
  • The ordinary man had to join the army, while zeppelins, sea mines and foreign submarines was located on the Danish coast
  • Christian X and the Danish politicians had to pull strings, while the borders closed and 100,000 prisoners of war came to Denmark

Explore the exciting story of Denmark during World War 1:

  • See the old historical photos and movies
  • Touch most of the objects
  • Pick up the phone and listen to the voices in the antiques telephones in Danish, German or English

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