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The museum Skibsklarerergaarden describes the first grand time of prosperity, Sundtoldtiden/The time of the Sound Toll. The house is the best-preserved merchant’s house and shipbroker house. It dates back to the 16th century, but the condition it is in now, dates back to 1780 and the following decades, and has remained unchanged. 

The ground floor with shop and shipper’s room, as well as the noble Skibsklarerergaarden on the top floor has had a thorough restoration. A visit to the house is like stepping back 150 years in time. On ground floor, there is a shop and ship’s chandlery, established in 1809, and pretty much unchanged since 1820´ties. 
Next to the shop is the shippers’ living room where seamen could enjoy a light meal and a dram. In the “contoire” is the big writing desk for four, and you will here see a clearer office from the mid 1800’ties.

On the 1st floor is the shipbrokers private apartment, reestablished, and showing a wealthy home in Elsinore between 1790 and 1850. On the top floor, you will see a room from the period of the shipper’s lodging house. The seamen could stay the night if needed due to business or weather change.

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