Medical Museion

A must-see museum for all who is curious about the human body, disease, and health. 

Medical Museion is not for delicate souls – diseases and their treatment have always been dramatic. But if you dare to face how the human body has been understood and treated over time - from antiquity to the age of the gene - this is the place for you. 

Explore the beautiful exhibitions in the historic Royal Academy for Surgeons from 1787.

Medical Museion has one of the biggest and richest historical collections of medical artefacts  in Europe. The collections contain 150,000 — 250,000 artefacts, depending on what counts as a individual artefact. We also have a large image collection, a document archive, and a historical book collection.



Mind the gut:

Our brain and bowels are under examination in the exhibition Mind the Gut. Through a thought-provoking blend of science, art and history, the exhibition explores the complex connections between our mind and our guts. Brain, gut feelings, identity, bowels, bacteria, microbiomes – all interlinked.

Mind the Gut shows, how doctors researchers, patients and artists have tried to understand and treat the complex relation between mind and gut throughout time. An enigma, which have occupied us through millennia and still does through scientific experiments, trendy lifestyle tendencies and fierce debates about health.

The body collected:

The human body has been collected for medical research and teaching during the last few centuries, and body parts have been prepared, preserved and conserved.

The exhibition ‘The Body Collected’ presents for the first time a large selection of historical collections of human remains from the 18th century to now. The oldest specimens come from research collections of fetuses, skeletons, bones, organs, and histological samples. The latest arrival are biopsies, cells, and DNA, as preserved in biobank freezers. The collections have switched focus as our understanding of health and disease are improved, and as a consequence of technological advances.


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