Frederiksborg Castle

Experience Frederiksborg Castle and Museum of National History with magnificent halls, portraits, history paintings, and special exhibitions, located just 35 minutes north of Copenhagen.

The impressive Renaissance castle was built by Christian IV to showcase the king's power. With its fairytale-like location in the middle of the Castle Lake, surrounded by the Baroque Garden and the romantic landscape garden, Frederiksborg Castle offers a unique destination with great cultural experiences, garden walks, and boat trips with the Little Ferry on the Castle Lake throughout the summer.

Museum of National History Museum and National Portrait Gallery
Christian IV's (1588-1648) magnificent castle from the early 17th century now serves as the framework for more than 500 years of stories and myths that shaped Denmark into what it is today. Frederiksborg Castle is both Museum of National History and the National Portrait Gallery, where hundreds of portraits give faces to individuals who have shaped Denmark's history. The portrait collection is the country's largest and most significant, and the collection of paintings, busts, drawings, and photographs is continuously supplemented with new works. History paintings also communicate important national events.

Experience the pomp and splendor of bygone times up close. The museum's fine period interiors and the castle's impressive grand rooms, such as the Castle Church, the Great Hall, and the Audience Hall, provide insight into changing periods and styles. Additionally, changing special exhibitions on portrait art and the history of both Denmark and Frederiksborg Castle are shown each year.

The museum has been housed at Frederiksborg Castle since 1878 when it was established by the founder of Carlsberg, brewer J.C. Jacobsen, after a devastating fire in 1859. The museum continues to operate as a department of the Carlsberg Foundation.

Frederiksborg for children
Experience Frederiksborg Castle from a child's perspective with one of the museum's treasure hunts or the children's audio guide. During holiday seasons, there are special activities for children. Visit for current activities.

Make the most of your visit
Download the Smartify app for the museum’s audio guides. Use the app to scan and explore portraits and paintings. Download the app before your visit to be well-prepared.
Also, keep an eye out for the museum's podcast PORTRÆT, which delves into both the castle and its collection.

Dine at Rabarbergaarden Slottet
The museum's restaurant, Rabarbergaarden Slottet (meaning the Rhubarb farm at the castle) brings the flavors of North Zealand to the table. Enjoy a gastronomic experience with local, organic ingredients from the sustainable farm-to-table kitchen. The restaurant is located in a former carriage port and stable building, offering views of both a lake and the castle at Northern Europe's largest Renaissance complex.

The Castle Gardens
Frederiksborg Castle was completed by creating gardens around the grand building complex. Christian IV had his own garden, but in 1720, architect J. Krieger was commissioned to create a Baroque garden. The Baroque Garden was recreated in the 1990s. The lowest terraces in the garden feature four monograms in tightly trimmed hedges: Frederik IV, Frederik V, Christian VI, and Margrethe II. These are the four monarchs under whom the garden has existed, from its establishment by Frederik IV to its restoration in Queen Margrethe's time. However, the Baroque Garden is not the only garden at the castle. Next to the Baroque Garden is the romantic, English-inspired garden, where a small Bath House Castle is also located. With its small lakes and groves, the romantic garden is designed to convey moods and showcase the beauty of nature. In contrast, the Baroque Garden with its straight lines and sharp edges represents the beauty that lies in human control over nature.

Getting There
The museum is open every day of the year. It takes approximately 35 minutes to drive from Copenhagen. If you are coming by train, the easiest way to reach Frederiksborg is via the S-train line A. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from Hillerød Station. You can walk along the Castle Lake or through the city's pedestrian streets with cafes and shops.



Special Exhibitions:

12/01 2024 - 21/04 2024: Images of a queen

Frederiksborg commemorates the succession to the throne with an exhibition featuring portraits of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe. Explore Andy Warhol’s iconic glitter-adorned silk screen print portrait of Her Majesty, official portraits such as Rigmor Mydtskov’s photographic portrait from 1972, as well as a wide range of photographs, paintings, and drawings created between 1940 and 2022. From gala events at Fredensborg to gray weather on the beach, Her Majesty is depicted as introspective, dreamy, and creatively expressive. The young heir and Princess Margrethe. Her Majesty in different stages of life and situations.

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