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In the heart of Copenhagen’s historical district right by the canalside lies Gammel Strand, an art institution focusing on modern and contemporary art. Gammel Strand showcases 6-8 exhibitions annually focusing on new Danish talent, the international contemporary art scene and artists art-historical themes in a present-day perspective.

In connection with the series of exhibitions Gammel Strand regularly presents a per­spec­tivizing programme of events involving talks and debates, literature readings, concerts and guided tours.

Visitors can also enjoy a break in the café with the charming courtyard, and buy art books, posters, and design items in the shop. 

This spring, Gammel Strand presents an extensive exhibition with Yael Bartana (b.1970, Israel).

Through video works, photography and installations, Bartana explores current, complex issues of national and cultural identity, trauma and power structures. The exhibition presents a wide range of Bartana’s work, from early video works and photo series to her latest comprehensive film work Malka Germania (2021).

The exhibition runs from 2 February to the end of May 2024.


Special Exhibitions (

Slumping, Tove Storch; 02.02.24-20.05.24

Tove Storch opens a new path in her practice between the everyday and the alienating. With five new works created specifically for Gammel Strand, Storch explores subtle, unassuming gestures and showcases sculptures on a grand scale.

Slumping is a craft technique within glass art and slang for exhaustion and laziness. In the exhibition, Storch demonstrates her unique understanding of the capabilities of materials as she tests their different strengths: Can silk break down metal? How does the liquid shape the solid? How does time affect shape? Through her choice of colors, motifs, and attitude, the works intertwine with archetypal narratives of the body, romance, and sexuality, gently shaking free from fixed interpretations.

Tove Storch (b. 1981) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in 2007, from the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in 2004, and Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin in 2006. In 2021, she was awarded the prestigious Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen Honorary Prize.


Things to Come, Yael Bartana; 02.02.24-20.05.24

Yael Bartana works with grand narratives. In Things to Come, she challenges the blind spots in our understanding of history and establishes new spaces of understanding between the actual and the imagined. She processes collective memories, origin myths, and some of the darkest chapters in human history, which she uses as raw material to formulate new narratives about the future.

The exhibition shows, among other things, Malka Germania, Bartana's most extensive film work to date, which revolves around the German-Jewish relationship in a dream-like future scenario in Berlin; Two Minutes to Midnight, a power- and gender-critical paraphrase of Stanley Kubrick's legendary science fiction film Dr. Strangelove; and Overcoming the Future about redemption and forgiveness.

Yael Bartana (b. 1970) was born and raised in Israel. Since the mid-00s, she has lived in Amsterdam and Berlin. Her works have been shown all over the world and are part of the collections of many prominent institutions. In January 2024, she was appointed as one of two artists to exhibit in the German Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2024.

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