The Workers Museum

The Workers Museum in Copenhagen invites you to step into everyday life of Copenhageners in the 1950's.


The Workers Museums is located at the Workers Assembly Hall, built in 1879. The building includes the impressive Banquet Hall and the former Prime Minister Thorvald Stauning's office. Experience everyday life of the 1950s and taste chocolate biscuit cake and chicory coffee. Visit the Sørensens family who moved to Copenhagen in 1885 and explore the development of industrial work. Step into everyday life of working class children in "The Workers Museums for Children". 

Enjoy a lunch in the Café & Øl-Halle "1892", the only listed basement restaurant in Copenhagen. 

The Banquet Hall

The Banquet Hall is the heart of the old Workers’ Assembly Building, which dates from 1879. It features an abundance of decorations and artistic details – testament to the pride of the countless different trades and craftsmen who used the building on Rømersgade. The Banquet Hall formed the setting for innumerable meetings, political discussions, congresses and parties, and here thousands of workers became accustomed to participating in democracy and civic life. In 2021, the Banquet Hall underwent major refurbishment.
Come and enjoy this beautiful hall, filled from floor to balcony with a myriad of stories. Explore the life that went on in the hall across the years, visit the museum’s exhibitions and experience the unique sound and light installation.

The 1950's

The decade when Denmark bid farewell to war and deprivation and when working-class families joined the ranks of consumers.

After the 2. World War there was still lack of many goods and they were still rationed by the use of coupons which characterized life for the working class. However, during the decade the families slowly earned more and consumerism emerged heavily influenced by the United States. The exhibition takes you to the worker family’s apartment where the growing wealth is shown, as well as taking you down the street where lack of goods from the war and post-war is slowly replaced with a larger supply.


The Children’s Workers Museum

Through games and using their senses children can experience how it was to be a working-class child generations ago.

Playing at the Kids’ Workers Museum, our youngest visitors can experience and imagine the life of working-class children around 1930. Both children and adults can listen to the story of the working-class boy Thorvald, who went on to become Denmark’s longest serving prime minister.

Kids visiting the museum can try working as a delivery boy or girl in the grocer’s shop, sort bottles at the brewery, or use a typewriter in the union office. They can also dress up in a sailor’s suit, dance at the dance school, play in a 1930s flat, or visit the pawnbroker and see if they can get a few pennies for an old coat.


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