Nikolaj Kunsthal

Nikolaj Kunsthal presents especially Danish, but also international contemporary art in unique historical surroundings in the middle of Copenhagen. 

Nikolaj Kunsthal is located in the former St. Nikolaj Church, Copenhagen’s third oldest church with one of the tallest towers in the city – a unique setting for contemporary art Europe-wide. The beautiful architecture is part of an interaction with changing exhibitions, most recently by Ditte Ejlerskov, Nikoline Liv Andersen, David Lynch, HuskMitNavn, Leonard Cohen and others. Nikolaj Kunsthal focuses on Copenhagen’s contemporary art scene and is preoccupied with art meetings across genres, media and formats. The art centre also regularly presents concerts, performances, guided tours, dinners, talks, etc.



Rune Bering: Bycatch,  10.2.24 - 28.7.24

Taking the fishing industry as his point of departure – as a story about both catching and being caught – Rune Bering weaves fishing nets in copper cables that originate from the infrastructures of technology. He works sculpturally with how technology is closely connected with geology and nature. There is a pervasive and underlying ouroboros approach to his exhibition that examines the cycle of destruction, death and rebirth.  

Rune Bering elaborates on the upcoming exhibition: 
”In this exhibition, I work sculpturally with emotions which I believe are characteristic of our time. We know that we live in a way that can’t last, but at the same time the feeling is that we can’t change it. We live in structures that interfere with each other and that are too complex to really understand, change and get out of. It feels like we are caught in our own net”. 


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Nikolaj Plads 10

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